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The internet was born as a simple place, where information could flow as freely as water around the world. Today there are many potential threats to privacy and computer security. Proxy Unlock is a web based anonymous browsing solution run through a hardened proxy server with a dedicated hardware firewall too. Our internal system will easily work within your web browser to minimize private information leakage and traces of internet history.

Many organisations, companies and governments are continuously trying to monitor your internet usage. Whether it is a sneak system administrator, telco technician or even internet service providers themselves will aim to make money off your data. By using Proxy Unlock it is easy to disguise your IP address, engage with interactive websites anonymously and generally reduce annoying scripts.

There are lots of people around the world using privacy services like ours, some who have no choice if they want unfilered news. We are happy to support them and make it as easy as possible to use. Type the address you want to proxify in the form beneath and click Begin.

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